Wine Trumps®

Just because you can't afford the wines, doesn't mean you can't enjoy them!

‘Dad, do you think they do these for wine?’
‘Well, let’s have a look, shall we?’

On the basis of this brief exchange over a game of Star Wars™ Top Trumps®, my eight year old son is now demanding royalties. I’ve said I’ll pay him in claret in ten years time (he’d only spend it on something frivolous like Lego instead if I gave it to him now).

The game is based on the traditional trumps model and includes what I and a group of wine nuts consider are the world’s top 34 wines. Playing categories cover: production, vineyard size, rarity, average bottle price, date established and the earliest vintages still drinking from. There’s a bit of background on each too.

The criteria for our ‘Top 34’ classification:

  • All of the world’s fine wine regions were considered.
  • Only fine wines with a track record of ten or more years have been included.
  • Only the top tier wines from each region were listed - those considered to be without superior. Where there was no official classification of top tier, the average selling price for the previous ten years was taken and the highest selected. (If price is a good enough denominator for the Bordeaux 1855 classification, then it’s good enough for us!)
  • Only 34 could make the grade.

What do you think of our choices? Have your say.
Email with your suggestion for the 2012 edition.

PS: I've just been told, either we're off to the Lego shop now, or he's getting in touch with the intellectual property office.

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